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  Elevator Features

1 Automatic Mode The Elevator Runs Automatically According To Given Calls.
2 Manual Mode The Elevator Runs According To The Instruction Given By Operator In Car.
3 Emergency Stop Switch In Case Of Emergency, Elevator Can Be Stopped At Any Moment By Pressing This Button.
4 Over Travel Protection When Elevator Make Over-Travel, This Device Trip The Power-Supply & Force To Stop The Elevator.
5 Door Open At Landing Push The Landing Door Button To Make The Door Open Again.
6 Door Open at Car Push The Door Open Button In The Car To Make The Door Open Again.
7 Close Door Button The Elevator Closes The Door Immediately After Door Close Button Is Pushed.
8 Repeated Door Closing If An Obstacle Prevents the Door from Closing, the Door Will Open and Close Repeatedly Until the Object Is Removed.
9 Phase Sequence Protection In Case Of Single Phasing Or Phase Sequence Scenario, The Elevator Will Stop Immediately.
10 Over Load Protection When The Elevator Crosses Full Load, The Elevator Alarms With Sound & Light.
11 Over Speed Protection When Down Speed Is Crosses Rated Speed, This Device Will Cut Down The Power Automatically To Stop The Motor And The Car, If The Car Continues At An Over Speed In Down Direction, The Safety Device Will Be Actuated To Force The Car To Stop For Safety.
12 Car Ventilation If There Is No Call Registered Within A Period Of Time, The Car Fan Is Automatically Shut Off To Save Energy.
13 Easy Diagnosis Controller Is So Designed To Find Malfunctions For Fast Troubleshooting & Diagnosis.
14 Car Floor/Direction Display The Number Of The Arrival Floor And The Up/Down Direction Inside The Car.
15 Landing Floor/Direction Display The Arrival Floor And Operation Direction In The Landing Floors.
16 Mechanical Edge Detect Passengers Or Objects By Sensitive Mechanical Board.
17 Car Arrival Chime An Electronic Chime Installed On The Roof Of The Car Sounds To Inform Passengers The Arrival.
18 Opening Time Extension By Pressing The Specific Button In The Car, The Door Will Remain Open For An Extended Period Of Time To Facilitate Loading And Unloading.
19 Door Operator V3f Drive Accurately Adjust Motor Speed So That Door Open/Close More Gently And Sensitively.
20 Background Music Voice Equipment Plays Music When The Elevator Runs Normally.
21 Landing Call Buzzer In Manual Mode, It Gives Indications To Operator To Attend Landing Calls.
22 Over Current Protection In Case Of Over Current, Motor Will Trip Immediately.
23 Remote Monitoring Through Modem And Phone, The Elevator Can Be Controlled And Monitored Remotely, Which Is Convenient For Manufacturer And Service Person To Find Out The Condition Of Each Elevator For Immediate Service.
24 VVVF Drive Accurately Adjust Speed In Acceleration Csc Deceleration For More Smooth & Comfort Travel.
25 Collective Selective The Car Will Attend ( Collect ) The All Floors Which Are Selected By Passengers While Going To Up Or Down Direction.
26 Fireman Switch When The Fireman Switch Is Pressed, All Registered Call Will Be Cancelled And The Car Is Immediately Called To The Specified Rescue Floor.
27 Emergency Alarm Function In Case Of Emergency In Lift, Emergency Alarm Can Be Heard At Building Control-Room At Ground Floor.
28 Emergency Light Function When Power-Supply Fails, Emergency Light Will Be Switched On Instantly.
29 Duplex / Group Control Duplex Or Group Control Can Be Arranged For Two Or More Lifts For Effective & Advance Traffic Management.
30 Elevator Management System EMS Is Useful For Viewing, Analyzing, & Controlling The Different Types Of Single Or Multiple Lifts.
31 Kinetic Rescue System In Case Of Power Failure, Phase Reversal/Imbalance. KRS Bring The Lift System & Bring The Lift Down To Nearest Floor.
32 Infra-Red Door Curtains Multiple Infrared Beams Which Cover The Full Height Of Door To Detect Passenger/Objects As Doors Open/Close.
33 Inter-Com Two Way Telephone System Is Provided In Car For Communication Between Building-Control-Room & Car.
34 Voice Annunciation Device This System In Car Will Announce Floor Arrival, Welcoming Messages.


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