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  Advance Control System

The Microprocessor is programmable integrated device with a significant role in everyday functioning of ModernIndustrialized Societies. If has computing & decision making capabilities. KINETIC always care for the safety for the passenger & Customers.

KINETIC'S R&B Dept. Is embedding the intelligent Microprocessor in Elevator System for smoother, noiseless and trouble free operations, KINETIC takes pride of their professionals for giving highly reliable & quality products for valued customers.

Advantage of KINETIC'S Microprocessors Control System over Conventional Control System

  • Single Microprocessor Logic Board Controls & views the entire elevator function such as Calls, Machine, Door Operator etc.
  • Complete Diagnostic of Control System can be performed with the help of Seven Segment Display provided on Microprocessor mother-board. Plus point of Display is that at the time of breakdown our technical engineer can trace out specific replaceable components, thus putting elevator in normal running condition with minimizing down time.
  • LED status indicators for power supplies, limits, gate locks, car & hall calls provided on board in panel.
  • The hi-tech features of Microprocessor ensures minimum waiting time interval, best uninterrupted performance respective of heavy traffic condition, lowest noise level by eliminating the moving parts, minimum energy consumption & perfect levelling.
  • Advanced Traffic Management
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